E Cigarettes Online

One of the factors that you need to focus on when you are buying e cigarettes online is the looking at the specifications of the e cigarette itself.

Many people just look at a picture of the ecigarette starter kit and proceed to check out without doing any more investigative research.  This is a big mistake.

You need to look at the length of the device.  Its diameter and how much it weighs.  If you don’t do so you have no idea what you are buying.

For those who do, they will be rewarded with a e-cigarette that looks like something that they been accustom to smoking for most of their adult life.

You see – most of the electronic cigarettes being sold these days are nothing like a real cigarette and it is a huge disappointment when it arrives in the mail.  So you really need to look at the specification of the product when you are buying online.

So take out your ruler and measure the dimension of your regular cigarette and compare that to those the cigarettes being sold online.  This will avoid many disappointments and the ordeal of having to return it in the mail.



Finding the right ecigarette store…

With every online ecigarette store selling basically the same ecigarette products it makes customer service & shipping the number one priority to the consumer.  Being able to get a hold of a real person within 24 hours or less of a inquiry is a rare thing these days.  I love being able to ask a rep questions about the ecigarette product I am purchasing.

So the next time you are shopping online for ecigarette products, take into consideration the customer service and ship times the online ecigarette store is providing to their customers.  It could save you hassles down the road.

E-Cigarette Cartridges


One of the most important part of an ecigarette is the cartridge itself.  A E-cigarette is composed of two parts: (1) the battery and (2) the cartridge.  In the modern version of a electronic cigarette, the cartridge is really composed of two parts.  The artomizer and the area that contains the nicotine itself.  Together, it is commonly referred to as the cartomizer.  Get it, cartridge plus artomizer.

This part of the e-cigarette is very important because when you puff on a electric cigarette, it tells the artomizer inside the cartridge to vaporize the nicotine chemical – this then causes the nicotine solution to vaporize into a water vapor.

The water vapor appears and looks like a smoke but it isn’t.  When you inhale it, you get the nicotine sensation that you usually get when you smoke only different.

The difference is that you don’t yellow your teeth and their is no odor like with a traditional cigarette.

Without the e-cigarette cartridge the entire thing does not work.

That is why when you run out of nicotine you switch out your cartridge for a new one.


E Cigarettes Headache

I have had some people bring this up to me – that they been getting a headache from smoking e cigarettes.  This usually comes from a first time smoker.

What you are experiencing is a reaction to nicotine and probably a good excuse to stop smoking before you really get addicted to nicotine.  It is also cause when you take too big of a puff and inhaling too much smoke.  Take a easy and slow down and enjoy your e cigarette.

Medically speaking, I was told that headache can be caused when you inhale a regular cigarette, the chemicals floods your blood.  When it goes away, your blood is able to flow normally and allowed to bring oxygen to your brain and his causes the headache.

It is also said that the nicotine causes the nerves in the back of the throat to get overly stimulated and this can also cause a headache.

So if you get a headache from smoking consider stopping all together because your body is sensitive to nicotine.



Do Ecigarette Work As Advertised?

Despite the popularity of ecigarettes, there are still some people asking do ecigarette work as advertised?  So today, I am going to set up a little time to answer this question for all those of you who are looking online to buy ecigarettes.

Yes, they do work.  But the word “as advertised” is so broad that it is hard to answer that question without knowing what the advertisement was alleging.

Yes, ecigarette do work as a alternative means to smoking real cigarettes.  Yes, they offer a better way for you to get satisfy your nicotine addiction without having to inhale dangerous toxic chemicals into your body.

See with an ecigarette, all you are doing is vaporizing the nicotine solution so that it because a water vapor.  The water vapor appears like a smoke that you inhale.  When you inhale, you get the same feeling that you do when you puff onto a cigarette but without all the actual real smoke.

So as a means to satisfy your nicotine needs – they sure do work.

Do they have you quit smoking?  That depends on the individual and their desire to stop smoking.  Yes, they do help some people to stop smoking.  But the operative word is “can”.  Its not a guarantee that it will be successful.

Cheap ECigarette

With the popularity of ecigarettes, many people want to try them out.  If you already have a friend that has one, you already know how well they work and if you want, how they can help you reduce your smoking habit.


They can also help you gradually reduce your dependency on nicotine.

But we all want to save money where we can.  No one wants to pay the full price for an ecigarette when we can avoid it.  This is where you can look for ecigarette coupons.

Aside from the coupons, there are also a line of what they call discount or cheap ecigarette.  They aren’t necessarily cheap or inferior product.  What they are is that the manufacture gives you less than what you really need.  I’ll explain.

A traditional starter kit will come with the ecigarette, at least 5 nicotine cartridges, a usb connector, a wall plug, and the higher end kits will come with a pcc charging case.  This is basically all you need to enjoy your ecigarette.

With the cheap ecigarettes, they will send you the e cigarette with only one battery, one cartridge, and a usb connector.  They will usually sell that to you for between $14 to $20.00.  This means that you can only charge your battery by plugging it into a device that has a usb connector like your computer or laptop.  You can’t plug it into the wall.

You also only get one battery so while you are charging your battery you can’t smoke.  You also only get on cartridge so once you are done – you are really done and will need to order your cartridges online.

In general, the batteries that come with the cheap kits do not last as long as the higher end kits.  So they will need to be recharge more often.

The manufacturers know that what you buying is a very limited kit but that you will come back to buy the other necessary items like a extra battery, more cartridges, the wall charger, and a portable charging case – which will cost you more money in the long run.

So think about what you want before you spend your money.  A cheap kit will only save you money in the short run and cost you more money in the long run.

We will review and product you with recommendations with cheap kits as well as what we recommend – that will give you a superior smoking cig at the best price.

Online E Cigarette Store

Welcome!  Welcome!  We are here to help people find e cigarettes online so that you can shop at the various online stores to buy your ecigarettes.  There are many different e cigarettes and many different shops to buy them from.  We will clear things up and let you know the most trustworthy places to get them from.